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Science Daily
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California condor births mark a milestone — and we have pictures to prove it
6 HRS AGO - California condors hatch at Zion National Park, pushing their numbers beyond 500.
Scientists stimulate neurons to induce particular perceptions in mice's minds
1 DAY AGO - Hallucinations are spooky and, fortunately, fairly rare. But, a new study suggests, the real Expand
Mystery surrounds ouster of Chinese researchers from Canadian laboratory
1 DAY AGO - Officials will only say it involves a “policy breach”
This jellyfish makes glowing proteins previously unknown to science
2 DAYS AGO - Discovery could help researchers create a new generation of fluorescent probes
Birds' beauty and resilience shine through in winning Audubon images
2 DAYS AGO - The 2019 Audubon Photography Awards highlight striking images of birds and the places they live.
The problem with fake service dogs
2 DAYS AGO - More states are cracking down on owners who falsely call their pets service animals.
Ohio lost a third of its butterflies in 21 years — and it probably isn't alone
3 DAYS AGO - The decline of Ohio's butterflies likely reflects a broader crisis for a wide range of Expand
Could humanity’s return to the moon spark a new age of lunar telescopes?
3 DAYS AGO - Nearly 50 years after NASA put a small telescope on the Moon, astronomers are dusting off plans Expand
Why mountain goats are flying to the Cascades
3 DAYS AGO - Mountain goats in Olympic National Park are being relocated by helicopter to the Cascade Mountains.
Moon-forming disk discovered around distant planet: Astronomers report first observations of a 'circumplanetary disk
1 DAY AGO - Using Earth's most powerful array of radio telescopes, astronomers have made the first Expand
Beachgoers help save stranded whales
1 DAY AGO - Vacationers and residents in St. Simons Island on the coast of Georgia help pilot whales in Expand
Debate intensifies over speed of expanding universe
2 DAYS AGO - New methods of measuring Hubble constant are suggesting a “crisis” in cosmology
Why your sunscreen is bad for coral reefs
2 DAYS AGO - But protecting your skin and the reefs is possible.
Joshua trees face extinction by 2070 unless we address climate change
2 DAYS AGO - The quirky Joshua tree may be nearly gone in 50 years if we don't battle climate change.
Low doses of radiation promote cancer-capable cells: New research in mice helps to understand the risks around exposure to low doses of radiation, such as CT scans and X-rays
3 DAYS AGO - New research finds that low doses of radiation equivalent to three CT scans, which are considered Expand
Laser holograms stimulate brain cells in mice to probe roots of perception and hallucination
3 DAYS AGO - Triggering a handful of neurons may be enough to conjure a visual experience
Watch a lightweight glove allow users to ‘feel’ objects in virtual reality
3 DAYS AGO - Technology could be used in games and virtual training simulations
Why the Apollo 11 anniversary still matters
1 DAY AGO - 50 years after man first walked on the moon, the ripples of that accomplishment continue to Expand
Hubble uncovers black hole that shouldn't exist
2 DAYS AGO - As if black holes weren't mysterious enough, astronomers have found an unexpected thin disk of Expand
Major U.S. cities are leaking methane at twice the rate previously believed
2 DAYS AGO - New York City, Boston, other East Coast cities annually emit 890,000 tons of the greenhouse gas
What you need to know about chlorpyrifos
2 DAYS AGO - This pesticide used in farming is linked to health issues in children.
Update: Twins who were face of controversial rare disease treatment have died
2 DAYS AGO - Treatment for fatal Niemann-Pick type C no better than placebo
Parents’ emotional trauma may change their children’s biology. Studies in mice show how
3 DAYS AGO - Suffering triggers changes in gene expression that last for generations
7 Essential Tips for Driving in the Rain
3 DAYS AGO - Use these guidelines to help you drive more safely on rainy days.
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