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Noise pollution is a major threat to many different kinds of animals, study finds
58 MINS AGO - Species from all over the animal kingdom face serious danger from noise pollution, researchers Expand
Endangered Hawaiian duck's comeback is a 'beacon of hope' for conservationists
2 HRS AGO - The only endemic duck remaining on the Hawaiian islands is back from the brink of genetic Expand
Dude. Honey bees ‘surf’ on waves they make themselves
18 HRS AGO - Waterlogged bees create their own waves and ride them to safety
U.S. Senate panel sees a standard grant application as defense against foreign influence
19 HRS AGO - Report chides agencies for not recognizing aggressive Chinese tactics for acquiring technology
Rainy, with a chance of rockfalls: New landslide forecasting system debuts in Rio
22 HRS AGO - Landslide “nowcasts” could give residents of Rio de Janeiro extra time to escape disaster
My winter morning and evening skin care routine
1 DAY AGO - As a natural-beauty product tester and writer, I've tried hundreds of products and am happy to Expand
What is Eastern equine encephalitis?
1 DAY AGO - Eastern equine encephalitis is a dangerous and deadly mosquito-borne illness. Here's what you Expand
Putting on a 'game face' may actually boost your performance
2 DAYS AGO - A new study suggests a serious expression could go a long way toward getting some serious work Expand
Film Debut Honors the Journeys of Childhood Cancer Survivors
2 DAYS AGO - ‘Moments of Joy’ highlights Aflac’s near-25-year commitment to raising awareness for childhood Expand
A massive experiment in Taiwan aims to reveal landslides’ surprising effect on the climate
1 HR AGO - Landslides are reactors for chemical weathering that can both draw down and emit carbon
NASA just found plumes of water vapor bursting from Jupiter's moon
4 HRS AGO - Water vapor escaping Europa hints at a vast saltwater ocean beneath its surface.
Company claims signs of success with CRISPR-edited stem cell transplants for two genetic diseases
19 HRS AGO - Editing of hemoglobin gene leads two people with different conditions to no longer need regular Expand
Violent campus clashes between protesters and police stir fears for Hong Kong universities
20 HRS AGO - Research continues during the confrontations, but long-term effects on student and faculty Expand
Black-throated finch wins 2019 Australian bird of the year
23 HRS AGO - The 'subtly stunning' songbird needs attention like this to save it from habitat loss, Expand
Americans say bye-bye to Bei Bei the panda
1 DAY AGO - Bei Bei the panda is leaving the Smithsonian Zoo in Washington, D.C., and heading to China after 4 Expand
Mom creates artistic masterpieces out of healthy food for her children
1 DAY AGO - Laleh Mohmedi transforms her young child's meals into memorable cartoon characters as a way to Expand
NSF unwittingly hired a professor guilty of bullying, highlighting the ‘pass the harasser’ problem
2 DAYS AGO - U.S. universities are taking steps to learn more about job candidates without violating privacy
Catastrophic fires in Australia raise concerns about the future of koalas
2 DAYS AGO - Rescuers are racing to save koalas as a barrage of bushfires roar across the country.
Mysterious comet debris may spark 'unicorn meteor storm'
2 HRS AGO - On the evening of Nov. 21, upwards of 400 meteors per hour may light up the night sky.
Prevent memory loss by protecting your hearing and vision
4 HRS AGO - Hearing aids and cataract surgery can slow mental decline, say new studies.
Dude. Watch this honeybee 'surf' in slow motion
19 HRS AGO - Waterlogged bees create their own waves and ride them to safety
Why not bring a shelter dog home for the holidays?
21 HRS AGO - So many animals don't have homes. Can you open up your home to one homeless animal, just for Expand
Camel, cow and donkey found wandering in Kansas neighborhood
1 DAY AGO - Escaped camel, cow and donkey in Kansas are 'halfway towards a live nativity.'
A cat was put in 'solitary confinement' for freeing his fellow felines
1 DAY AGO - Quilty the rescue cat will not be contained at the shelter.
What is a ketogenic diet?
1 DAY AGO - Not everyone is a fan of low-carb, high-fat keto diets that put your body into a metabolic state Expand
Investors' billions are chasing the baby boomer market
2 DAYS AGO - When investors spend billions on baby boomer housing, is this smart money or is it missing the Expand
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