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Here's a First Look at Virgin's Next Adults-Only Cruise Ship, the Valiant Lady
50 MINS AGO - The ship will debut in 2021, launching in Barcelona, Spain.
How to Wear a Cardigan: 11 Outfit Ideas for Guys - The Modest Man
14 HRS AGO - Wondering how to wear a cardigan? You’re in the right place. From chunky shawl necks to Expand
Watchmen' Creator Alan Moore Thinks Today's Superheroes Are 'Embarrassing
22 HRS AGO - In a recently unearthed interview he also called them 'white supremacist dreams of the master race.
Wreck Me Daddy' SNL Sketch Forces Sara Lee Bread to Turn Off Its IG Comments
1 DAY AGO - Harry Styles played the brand's horny social manager quite well.
Watchmen' Made Up a Steven Spielberg Movie Called 'Pale Horse' Because Why Not
2 DAYS AGO - Believe it or not, this movie that "won like a gazillion Oscars" does tie into the comic.
John Cena Finally Explains His Cryptic Social Media Posts
3 DAYS AGO - He might just be a genius when it comes to Twitter and Instagram.
A-Rod Said J-Lo Was His 'Dream Date' Way Back in 1998
3 DAYS AGO - It took him 20 years to close the deal, but they're finally about to tie the knot.
Thank God Tom Hanks Didn't End Up Guest-Starring on 'Friends
5 DAYS AGO - You can't be a part of every beloved American institution, Tom!
Joker' Sequel Is in the Works With Director Todd Philips
1 HR AGO - He also supposedly got the rights to direct another DC villain's origin story.
Try This 3-Move, 5-Minute Workout to Start Your Day
17 HRS AGO - Stop rushing through your morning and start your day with intention.
The ‘Baby Shark’ Workout Shredded This Guy’s Abs
23 HRS AGO - Could the famous earworm hold the key to a visible six-pack?
J.J. Abrams Says ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Will Give ‘Star Wars’ Fans Closure
1 DAY AGO - The director called the movie "ambitious" and "challenging", and promised it will be a fitting Expand
Looking Glass Just Learned What 'Watchmen' Comic Readers Knew 34 Years Ago
2 DAYS AGO - That sinister Adrian Veidt video was no shock to those that did the reading.
15 Best Common Projects Alternatives
3 DAYS AGO - The holy grail of minimalist white sneakers is the Common Projects Achilles. If you’re here, Expand
Jawas Are the Janky Pawn Shop Owners of ‘Star Wars’
5 DAYS AGO - The meter-tall hooded thieves made an appearance in Episode 2 of 'The Mandalorian.
Why The Mandalorian Is So Different From Most Other Male Heroes
1 DAY AGO - A Reddit post brilliantly explains how this character separates himself from the pack.
Henry Cavill Won't Back Down
1 DAY AGO - The Superman actor beat out 207 other guys to star in 'The Witcher.' It’s not the first time the Expand
Remaking That 'Lady & The Tramp' Spaghetti Scene with Real Dogs Was Ruff
3 DAYS AGO - Things got hairy for the director when recreating the famous moment for the Disney+ movie.
Nicolas Cage Will Play Nicolas Cage in New Nicolas Cage Movie
3 DAYS AGO - The plot summary sounds wild and frankly, we can't wait to see it.
Bella Thorne Says Polyamory and Pot Are the Key to Happiness
5 DAYS AGO - It might not be for everybody, but she makes a pretty compelling case.
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