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Medical News Today
Iron-rich foods may cancel out tomatoes' anticancer benefits
14 HRS AGO - New research finds that eating iron-rich foods or taking iron supplements together with tomatoes Expand
Study Questions Hormone Rx for Prostate Cancer
16 HRS AGO - Running contrary to current guidelines, new research suggests that use of hormone-suppressing Expand
New prostate cancer blood test could reduce biopsies
22 HRS AGO - Testing for circulating tumor cells in the blood alongside PSA can increase accuracy of prostate Expand
Daily Low-Dose Aspirin May Help Some People
1 DAY AGO - Some people with good heart health still might benefit from taking daily low-dose aspirin, a new Expand
Cervical Cancer Outcomes Worse Where Clinics Close
1 DAY AGO - As government funding dried up and many women's health clinics across America closed, cervical Expand
Way to prevent chemotherapy hair loss in sight
1 DAY AGO - Using a mini organ model, scientists reveal how taxane chemotherapy can permanently damage hair Expand
Scientists discover the structure of cancer molecule
1 DAY AGO - New research from the United Kingdom has now revealed the structure and function of a molecule Expand
Cancer is now the leading cause of death in wealthy countries
2 DAYS AGO - A new study finds that compared with cardiovascular disease, cancer is twice as likely to be the Expand
How birds let squirrels know when it's safe to relax
4 DAYS AGO - Scientists know that squirrels respond to birds' threat calls. A new study finds that the chatter Expand
Texas Girl Dies From Brain-Eating Amoeba
16 HRS AGO - A 10-year-old Texas girl has died due to Naegleria fowleri, also known as brain-eating amoeba, 8 Expand
Smog Particles Can Reach Developing Fetus: Study
16 HRS AGO - Air pollution can penetrate a pregnant woman's placenta and potentially threaten the health of a Expand
Alabama Man Free of Sickle Cell After Gene Therapy
22 HRS AGO - An Alabama man is free of sickle cell disease after receiving gene therapy for two years as part Expand
The importance of 'sport-related hobbies' for middle aged women
1 DAY AGO - Research in postmenopausal women finds that leisure time physical activity improves blood lipid Expand
First Sexual Experience Forced for 1 in 16 Women
1 DAY AGO - Changes wrought by the #MeToo movement can't come soon enough, say researchers who found that for Expand
FDA to Assess First Peanut Allergy Drug
1 DAY AGO - In one clinical trial, kids who took Palforzia for a year were eventually able to tolerate the Expand
Could drinking tea boost brain connectivity?
2 DAYS AGO - A small study tests whether regular tea drinkers have differently structured brains to non-tea Expand
Physical fitness linked to better brain function
3 DAYS AGO - In the largest and most in-depth study of its kind, scientists confirm that physical fitness is Expand
Does poor oral health impact brain function?
4 DAYS AGO - Two new studies suggest that there is an association between stress related tooth problems and Expand
At-Risk Men May Also Benefit From Mammograms
16 HRS AGO - A new study argues there's potential benefit in regular mammograms for men who are at high risk of Expand
Jeopardy! Host Alex Trebek Heading Back to Chemo
18 HRS AGO - "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek is heading back for another round of chemotherapy after losing a Expand
Rare sightings suggest mountain gorillas may delight in water play
23 HRS AGO - Some rare sightings of mountain gorillas splashing in water on their own suggest that our cousin Expand
Human bodies can move on their own after death, study finds
1 DAY AGO - Dead bodies move on their own after death — likely due to processes of decomposition, researchers Expand
Carcinogen Found in Menthol E-Cigarettes
1 DAY AGO - As doctors race to determine what is causing sudden and severe lung illnesses among some vapers, Expand
Off-Label' Drugs for Kids Raises Concerns
1 DAY AGO - The study found that doctors prescribed one or more off-label drugs for children in almost 1 out Expand
New electric eel species packs most powerful punch
2 DAYS AGO - According to a new study, the infamous electric eel is not one species, but three; and one of the Expand
Hearing aids may reduce risk of dementia, depression, and falling
3 DAYS AGO - A recent study concludes that wearing hearing aids is associated with later onset of dementia and Expand
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